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I mean, I am required to make posts. So I’ll talk about my favorite movie to fill in.

I like action movies, animated movies, horror movies, but so far only 2 movies come up to mind when i’m asked “what’s your favorite movie?” and those are Akira and Howl’s Moving Castle. I LOVE those two movies, I nerd over Akira and get wholesome feelings from Howl’s Moving Castle. I don’t want to spoil them but all i can say is that if you plan to watch either let me warn you about Akira, Akira is pretty graphic and has some revealing scenes but it’s pretty good and I liked the animation (and yes, I’ve read the whole manga). Akira is a sci-fi movie that takes place in the future, well… present at this point. It takes place in 2019. Anyways, the movie takes place in Tokyo after an atomic nuke had destroyed most of Tokyo dropped by the Japanese government. Kaneda, the leader of a bike gang tries to save his friend Tetsuo after being taken by the secret government working on a project. That’s all i can say so far since i wanted to stop myself before going into more detail and making this post longer than what i meant for.

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