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Keychains, art tutorials, and more as planned to come soon to UAP! (Undyne’s Art Playground)

Keychains? what kind of keychains?

At the moment keychains with chibi characters are being planned. It is still being decided what characters will make it into the keychains, you can expect characters from video games, anime, and even OCs (my OCs, sorry.)

Who Are These OCs?

As an artist I’ve been working on characters that I come up with and give them life, I’ve always wanted to give them a purpose other than just existing in my sketch notebooks so I’ll be giving them a job in this website, think of them as mascots I guess.

What Are These Art Tutorials About?

Some people have wanted to learn how to draw, so I’ll help with what i can with that. Art tutorials on the human anatomy, faces, hands and more will be coming your way! These tutorials are to visually show people how to draw in a step by step process in hopes of them gaining some type of knowledge from these.

So now you know what to expect in the future of UAP and what it has to offer so far, please be patient and enjoy your stay on this site. Thank you <3


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