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The Beginnings of A Playground

The Beginning

Undyne’s Art Playground (UAP) is a website created to allow artists to enjoy themselves, it will also provide others a visual step by step tutorial on how the basics of drawing. This includes human autonomy, how to draw face shapes, eyes and yes… hands.

Artist are also allowed to post their own art and receive criticism on how to improve on their art skills so long as the criticism remains respectful and positive. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “The Beginnings of A Playground”

  1. Hey there! This is Jose from that one high school you go to, something that is kind of related with a Buzz Lightyear phrase or something. Anyways, nice to see that you kind of up to date with website recently. Me? Not so much, been working on my craft on Blender. It is going decent with me getting commisions from Fiverr and such. Pay is decent, but that isn’t really important to me at all. Well, I got to head back to work on characters for a client of mines. Not really good with designing and modeling characters for games yet. I’ll send some examples of my artwork so you can see and if they look right or not. Well, got to go. Later and keep drawing artworks and such, they look nice. – Jose

    1. Thanks, I think it’s interesting that you’re doing commisions and i’m sure they’re great and fun to make. I’m surprised you found my site since it’s kinda dead and I only work on it from time to time when i’m working on the program. Aside from that i’ve been woking on improving with digital art and thinking about starting a web comic series of some sorts. Thanks for checking in.

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